Kyle Heyen is the President of Detector Dogs International, Inc. which provided training to service dogs and handlers across most spectrums of law enforcement. He is available now to serve as a consultant, agency auditor and potential expert witness.

Mr. Heyen will only agree to serve as an expert witness after he performs a review of the applicable information, and only if he sees a significant issue on which he can ethically render an opinion.


Kyle K. Heyen is one of the country's foremost experts in law enforcement service dogs.  He has trained service dog teams in detection of drugs, explosives and accelerants, as well as patrol dog functions.

As a police officer, Mr. Heyen was one of the first internationally recognized Service Dog Judges in the U. S.   A former full-time police officer, Tactical Team member, Field Training Officer, and Dual-purpose Canine Handler,  Mr. Heyen's experience also includes being the Senior Staff Instructor at a canine law enforcement training center, and the founder of Detector Dogs International, Inc.  Mr. Heyen has trained dogs and handlers for four federal law enforcement agencies (including the U. S. Department of State's Anti-Terrorist Assistance Program, U. S. Department of Defense, U. S. Border Patrol and U. S. Immigration Inspections), as well as numerous state agencies and countless city and county departments across the United States.

Mr. Heyen has served as an expert witness and consultant in both criminal and civil cases concerning the deployment and training of service dogs.  Kyle Heyen's credentials are among the foremost in the United States in the training, use and deployment of service dogs (drugs, explosive, patrol and tracking).